Streamline Your Business Bookkeeping with Precision Accounting and Consulting (PAC)

Welcome to Precision Accounting and Consulting (PAC), your go-to destination for comprehensive bookkeeping services designed to save you time and money while efficiently managing your business finances. Our expert accountants are committed to producing monthly closes on a strict timeline, tracking every income and expense, allowing you to harness this financial data to effectively steer your business towards success.

Monthly Closes

Our monthly closes are a gateway to financial clarity and effective business management. They encompass a wide array of services to ensure your financial records are in top shape, ready to empower your decisions.

Sustaining and Capturing Financial Data

We meticulously sustain and capture all your financial data, ensuring your preparation for tax returns and future audits is seamless and accurate.

Monthly Bank Reconciliations

Our services encompass monthly bank reconciliations, leaving no financial stone unturned. We reconcile all your bank accounts and credit cards, ensuring your financial records are precise and complete.

Balance Sheet Reconciliations

Balance sheets are the backbone of your financial health. We take care of balance sheet reconciliations, allowing you to maintain a clear financial picture.

Daily Cash & Credit Card Sales

We reconcile your daily cash and credit card sales, ensuring that every credit card and cash receipt is tracked and captured to the entity’s bank account. This is essential for real-time financial transparency.

Accounts Receivable

PAC meticulously tracks all outstanding debts to your business. We provide invoicing services and conduct proper assessments at the end of the year to determine uncollectible debt, which can then be deducted as a write-off for tax purposes.


We manage schedules for prepaid expenses, such as insurance and workers’ compensation, along with accruals for quarterly and annual expenses. This ensures an accurate representation of your net income on a monthly basis.

Fixed Assets

Our team captures all machinery and equipment, capitalizing leasehold improvements, and accounting for furniture and fixtures. This comprehensive approach ensures that your balance sheet reflects the true value of your assets.


We account for payables, including loans like EIDL, PPP, and intercompany debts, allowing you to have a clear picture of your financial obligations.

Profit & Loss Analysis

PAC performs a thorough reconciliation and analysis of your profit and loss statement, ensuring that all expenses are accounted for accurately in the proper time period. We leave no stone unturned to provide you with a complete financial overview.

COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) Analysis

We analyze your COGS to ensure that all purchasing is captured accurately, helping you assess whether your entity is meeting its cost percentage targets. This analysis can result in significant cost savings.

Payroll Management

Our team books and reconciles your payroll on a monthly basis, ensuring that your payroll is not only accurate but also in line with industry standards regarding the percentage of sales.

Expense Tracking

Lastly, we ensure that all expenses are accounted for accurately, eliminating duplicates and ensuring nothing is missing, including critical expenses like utilities and rent.

Tax Services

At PAC, we offer a comprehensive range of tax services to ease your financial management:

  • Automated Sales Tax Filing: We automate your sales tax filing, with the option to debit your tax on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We handle all tax return filings and discrepancies.
  • Use Tax & Equipment Tax
  • Commercial Rent and Special Property Tax
  • Individual and Corporate Tax Returns

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