About Us

Passion. Experience. Diligence.

PAC solidified its place as one of the top accounting providers in late 2020 when America was fighting the biggest battle our country has ever seen, the pandemic of 2020. The Coronavirus affected Americans mentally, physically and financially. 

Sonny Grappone & Doug Carpenter the founders of PAC saw a market for opportunity. They saw Americans in need and knew how to help them. It’s the small business owners who are the backbone of this country, and that backbone was breaking.

Small business owners needed funding quickly but many financial institutions needed proper books and records to do so. Sonny and his team were there to capitalize on this need. During the pandemic they helped numerous businesses get back on their feet by providing them with the proper accounting and bookkeeping they needed to help their business survive.

The public realized how important it was to have accurate and precise documentation, both financially and operationally. What followed was businesses performing at the highest standards this economy demands. Through this turmoil came success and our clients’ businesses were reborn, catapulted into a new era of business, where only the strong survived. 

Clients in accounting never come to you when things are good; they come to you because change is needed and their way is not working anymore. Our clients adapted to this change.

Today we continue to help small businesses flourish with precise and accurate accounting and pinpoint detailed analysis of their  monthly and quarterly spending. We achieve this by diving in to cost percentages, profit margins, budgeting, forecasting and cash flow analysis, what comes after is financial freedom and profit.


Douglas Carpenter

Owner of Precision Accounting, Head of Tax Strategy & Implementation

Sonny Grappone

Owner of Precision Accounting,  Outsourced CFO & Accounting Manager
Certified Quickbooks Advisor, Master Excel License, Bookkeep Certified