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Full bookkeeping and financial accounting for all organizations and individual entrepreneurs. Outsource your internal financial needs with full time accounting resources at your disposal.

PAC solidified its place as one of the top accounting providers in late 2020, when America was fighting the biggest battle our country has ever seen, the pandemic of 2020. The Coronavirus affected Americans mentally, physically and financially. Sonny Grappone and Doug Carpenter the founders of PAC saw a market for opportunity. He saw Americans in need and he knew how to help them. It’s the small business owners who are the backbone of this country and that backbone was breaking.

Precision Accounting & Consulting

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“Outstanding service Precision was incredibly professional and knowledgeable. They helped streamline our finances, provided valuable insights, and made tax season a breeze. Highly recommend their expertise!”

I can’t thank Sonny and his team enough! Their attention to detail and personalized approach to handling my finances made a significant difference. They went above and beyond to ensure everything was in order and optimized for maximum savings. “Extremely satisfied!”

“Precision exceeded my expectations. Their responsiveness and proactive communication were exceptional. There response time was always within hours. They not only managed my accounts flawlessly but also offered insightful advice for future financial planning. Highly recommended!”

“Love Precision and the team. We got the most out of the quarterly reviews. The team always simplified complex financial matters, guided me through the process, and delivered exceptional results.”

“Precision is the best in the business especially when it comes to the construction industry. From day one they came in and restructured our whole GL to meet our industry format. We never did job costing well until we met Sonny and the team. They were always quick to deliver financials on a monthly basis with a job costing format that read like a budget. From this we knew where we really stood financially per project which is gold in this industry!”

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Frequently Asked Questions.

At PAC we offer extensive tax planning to answer this question, such items we focus on is how your business is incorporated, whether a C-Corp, S-Corp, or Partnership. These items alone depending on your infrastructure can open up a different array of tax benefits. We also examine pre-tax benefits that most owner’s are not aware of that can help reduce tax liabilities and put more money in the tax payer’s pocket, not Uncle Sam.

At PAC we take a deep dive like no other accounting firm. We look at you profit and loss statement from a trend analysis, running your financials in different formats that allows us to measure a company’s financial health from a prior year and month to month comparison. We also offer job costing for our extensive network of construction clients that need to know whether or not a specific project is profitable.

Invoice Promptly and Follow Up on Payments: Send out invoices promptly and establish clear payment terms. Follow up on late payments politely but persistently.

Offer Incentives for Early Payments: Consider offering discounts for early payments to encourage clients to pay invoices sooner.

Manage Inventory Efficiently: Avoid overstocking inventory that ties up cash. Regularly review and optimize inventory levels to reduce excess stock.

Control Expenses: Regularly review expenses and identify areas where costs can be reduced without compromising the quality of products or services.

Improve Cash Conversion Cycle: Shorten the cash conversion cycle by reducing the time between spending cash and receiving payments.

Streamline Processes and Automate Billing: Implement efficient systems and automation for billing and invoicing to minimize delays and errors.

Evaluate Pricing Strategies: Regularly review pricing strategies to ensure they are competitive while providing adequate profit margins.

Tax Compliance: Businesses must comply with federal, state, and local tax regulations. This includes income tax, sales tax, payroll tax, and other industry-specific taxes.

Employment Laws: Compliance with labor laws, including minimum wage requirements, overtime pay, workplace safety regulations, anti-discrimination laws, and proper employee classification (e.g., independent contractor vs. employee).

Data Protection and Privacy Laws: Businesses that collect and handle customer data must comply with data protection laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the United States.

Licenses and Permits: Ensuring proper licenses, permits, and certifications are obtained and maintained to operate legally in a specific industry or location.

Handling payroll taxes and ensuring compliance is crucial for businesses to avoid penalties and maintain legal and financial integrity. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how businesses can manage payroll taxes and compliance:

Determine Employee Classification: Classify workers as either employees or independent contractors according to IRS guidelines. Properly classify workers to ensure the correct taxation and compliance with labor laws.

Collect W-4 Forms: Have employees complete Form W-4 to determine their withholding allowances for federal income tax purposes.

Payroll Schedule and Deposits: Establish a regular payroll schedule and ensure timely deposit of withheld taxes to the appropriate government agencies. This includes federal and state income taxes, Social Security, and Medicare taxes.

File Quarterly and Annual Tax Forms: Submit quarterly and annual tax forms to report payroll taxes to the IRS and other relevant agencies. Forms such as Form 941 (Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return) and Form 940 (Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment Tax Return) must be filed.


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